Après-ski Borrel

Liebe Leute,

After studying hard for the exams these weeks, we have yet another amazing borrel to look forward to, the APRÈS-SKI borrel! So put on your skiing gear but leave your skis at home, because it is time to party hard and enjoy some amazing après-ski songs. This year we’ll, of course, have some amazing and surprising alcoholic drinks. So get ready, kiss that Marcelino Wunderlich poster on your wall and we will see you on February the 20th.


Gyrinus party: Netflix; You Are What You Watch

Dear partybeasts,

Do you also feel like having an amazing party? In less than one month it is time for this, the second Gyrinus Party! Friday February 15 we will drink, dance and sing in De Gieter. The theme of the party is Netflix; you are what you watch. So dress like Pablo Escobar, Gossip Girl or one of the many other Netflix figures. Who does not like to party with their favorite movie characters?

Buy your ticket via: http://www.gyrinus.nl/gyrinus-party/

PRICE 3 euros for members, 4 euros for non-members

+ WHEN +
Friday February 15
TIME 22:30-04:00

Netflix, you are what you watch👀

Café De Gieter
Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 179,
1017 RA Amsterdam

Semi-Annual General Members’ Meeting

Dear Members,

On Tuesday the 12th of February 2019 the Semi-Annual General Members’ Meeting (HALV) 2018-2019 of Gyrinus natans will take place. The HALV will commence at 17:00 o’clock and will end at the latest at 22:00 o’clock. Around 19:00 o’clock the meeting will be adjourned shortly and a meal will be served. If there is any time left after the meeting, there will be a borrel in De Tegenstelling to thank all attendees for their attention.

The goal of the ALV is to provide a better insight into the current state of the association to the members. The board of Gyrinus natans hereby invites you to attend this ALV. We would very much appreciate your presence there. That way you as a member can utter your possible feedback and bring subjects that you deem important to everyone’s attention.


The 66th board

Siblings borrel

Dear Gyrini,

The Siblingsborrel is coming up! Are your siblings curious about what that ‘Tegenstelling’ is that you are always talking about? Then this is your chance to bring them with! Younger, but also older brothers or sisters will be warmly welcomed. If your sibling is younger than 18 years old, then you will also be hold accountable if he or she drinks alcohol, keep that in mind! It is going to be a night full of family loveeeeee. We will see Friday the 1st of February!


Dear people,

We’ve had to wait for a long time this year, but it’s finally here: BIOCAMP! This year, Biocamp will take place on the weekend of 1-3 March. A nice fact is that we’re going to KLONIE, well known among (slightly) older Gyrinus members.

The ticket price this year will be between 55 and 65 euro. For this price, you get a residence for the weekend, food, a bike and a lot of fun.

Do you feel like you need a break from college with you friends? Do you like to retrieve old memories? Or are you wondering where all those (slightly) older members are always talking about? Than sign up now via this link, because FULL = FULL.


Lots of love,
The Kampcie

Snow World

Dear Gyrini,

The first snowflakes have fallen in Holland and the lucky ones among us are almost going on winter sports (or have already been). To get in the mood for it, we are going to ski/snowboard in Snowworld in Zoetermeer on January 20th. Could you use a little practice? Or do you want to show off your skills? Come join us! Let us know if you’re there by pressing on the present button on Facebook, this way we’ll know how many people we can expect.

*** Please note: you are going back and forth on your own transport! Do you want to carpool with someone? Let us know, maybe we can arrange something for you.***

The Wintersportcie

Master Night (abstract competition & network drinks)

Dear students,
On Friday January 18th at the final round of the abstract competition for master students will take place. Here the top four abstract submitters will present their abstract in a short pitch and there will also be a talk on how to write a great abstract. Are you curious about the winner will be? Or do you want to improve your scientific writing skills? Join the presentations in C203 (W&N building) at 18:30h!
After the presentations there will be network drinks in ‘de Tegenstelling’ (D103 W&N building) where you can meet alumni of a variety of masters programs. 
All interested bachelor and master students and alumni are welcome!
The Mastercie

Wasted, Mortal and in the Train

Now that the New Year’s hangover has passed and the Christmas pounds are gained, it is time to start ‘training’, but not in the gym. On the 17th of January, Gyrinus will go to Nijmegen, aka Nimma. Be sure to be present at 20:45 at Amsterdam Zuid and make sure to bring enough alcoholic beverages to play out the 1.5 hour train trip. After that your eternal thirst for beer will be satisfied during a bar crawl. Of course the combination of ‘training’ and drinking till you drop sound likes music in the ears, so sign up now at ln.su1550309316niryg1550309316@taze1550309316tmale1550309316t1550309316.

The Alcoholaat

Speed dating between Master and Bachelor students

Dear Gyrini,

Have you already thought about what you will do after your bachelor? Which Master suits you? The Onderwijscie together with the Mastercie will organize a ‘speed date between Bachelors and Masters’ next week Wednesday, 16th of January in the ‘Spiegelzaal’!
You can engage in 3 rounds of 10 minute speed dates with a Master of your interest. Register via gyrinus.nl/speeddating !
The following Masters are represented:
– Bioinformatics & Systems Biology
– Biomedical Sciences
– Biomolecular Sciences
– Ecology
– Global health
– Management, Policy Analysis and Entrepreneurship in the Health and Life Sciences (MPA)
– Oncology
– Neurosciences


Activities for the elderly

Dear students,

The best way to start the new year is with a good deed! Do you want to build up your karma and at the same time learn something about the old days? Then this is your chance!
On January the 15th we have organized a day out with elderly people from the organization Zonnebloem. A whole afternoon we will be doing fun activities with them. There will be different groups that go all to different locations like the museum or at the home itself playing fun games.
The day will be from 11:00 till 16:00 but we understand that busy students like you guys could have class at that time. That’s why the real activity will start at 13:00, at which time you can join!

We’re going with a fun group of elderly and we need a lot of volunteers. So sign up by sending an email to ln.su1550309316niryg1550309316@eict1550309316ca1550309316