Escape Room

Dear Gyrini,

Do you feel like you need an escape from all of the exams and chaos before the holidays? Then join us in finding some distraction at one of the Xitroom escape rooms! In a team, you’ll try to escape as fast as possible by solving all of the puzzles and mysteries within the room. Each team will play in an identical room at the exact same time. This way, we’ll find out which team is the smartest, fastest, but most importantly which is the best at teamwork and will be the first to escape the office of Professor X!

Tuesday the 11th December this thrilling event will take place for only €9. The game starts at 7:30 pm, but please make sure you’re there at 7:15 pm, so you won’t miss out on the explanation of the game (if you’re late, it will cost you your own game time…). The escape room is located at the Prins Hendrikkade 135.

Would you like to join? Sign up via:

We’re looking forward to it and hope to see you all soon!


The Excurcie