Cooking for the Homeless

Hello liebe Leute!

It’s already time again for our last edition of Cooking for the Homeless for this period. So if you still need to build up some karma or if you just really want to experience this amazing activity before it’s gone (not forever, but it will be a while before the next edition begins), this is your chance! For this last one we’ll meet up at the 16th of April at 13:30 and it will last until about 18:00. Of course it’s possible for you yourself to also enjoy the incredible meal. I mean, who doesn’t want to enjoy a free meal? #studentlife
Anyhow, quickly sign up at ln.su1566262608niryg1566262608@eict1566262608ca1566262608 and we’ll see you the 16th!


The Actcie

P.s. Also add a nice idea for a recipe we can cook!