The Excurcie organises several fantastic outings for Gyrinus members every year. These outings are quite diverse and varied, but most of all they’re fun. You can expand your knowledge of drinking at the wine and whisky tastings for instance, you can have a relaxing evening at the bowling alley or experience the authentic culture of Amsterdam in the city’s centre. Furthermore, every year we organise the famous Bird excursion, in which some experienced birdwatchers will accompany us in taking a first-hand look at the feathered fauna in a bird-rich area near Amsterdam. All of this is brought to you by an enthusiastic group of Excurcie members. As a member of the Excurcie, your fellow committee members quickly become your friends, so many Excurcie members can be found at most borrels (social drinks). In short, fun is where we are (and you might even learn something occasionally) so don’t hesitate to take part in one of our sparkling activities!

If you have any questions, suggestions or remarks about the Excurcie, please send an e-mail to ln.su1550312772niryg1550312772@eicr1550312772ucxe1550312772.

We hope to see you soon!

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