Cooking for the Homeless

Hello liebe Leute!

It’s already time again for our last edition of Cooking for the Homeless for this period. So if you still need to build up some karma or if you just really want to experience this amazing activity before it’s gone (not forever, but it will be a while before the next edition begins), this is your chance! For this last one we’ll meet up at the 16th of April at 13:30 and it will last until about 18:00. Of course it’s possible for you yourself to also enjoy the incredible meal. I mean, who doesn’t want to enjoy a free meal? #studentlife
Anyhow, quickly sign up at ln.su1558674556niryg1558674556@eict1558674556ca1558674556 and we’ll see you the 16th!


The Actcie

P.s. Also add a nice idea for a recipe we can cook!

Merchandise sale

Beloved members,

Does your wardrobe need some new shine? Do you want to show your love for Gyrinus? Then swing by the merchandise sale! The board will set up a stand at the borrel on Wednesday the 10th of April where you can buy all sorts of indispensable Gyrinus items, such as sweaters (in 3(!) different colours), sweatpants, caps and more!

The board

Book sale

Dear students,

Only two more periods before the end of the year! Do you want to end well, or do you still have to make that final sprint? Then make sure you have the right study books! As a Gyrinus member, you can buy all your books for periods 5 and 6 (Year 1 and 2) on Monday the 8th of April, with a 10-15% discount.

For Biology: We will come to your classroom before the first lectures! (Year 1: 13.30 in WN-C638 and Year 2: 10.00 in WN-P631)
For Biomedical Sciences: From 10:45 – 15:15 you can go to the Gyrinus room (P-022) for your books.

You can pay with cash or (debit) card!

Are you not yet a member of Gyrinus, but would you like to buy your books with a discount? No worries, you can become a member during the book sale!

The board

Amsterdam Beer Fest

On a magical Tuesday evening in Madrid, Ajax showed the world how to play football. The mighty Real were sent from pillar to post. The Galacticos were degraded to Feyenoord’s level. Because we are Amsterdam, we are the best.
We don’t just excel in football. We’re also the best in brewing beer. That’s why we will be demonstrating that our beer is the best, on a magical Friday evening in De Tegenstelling. Only the very best beers from Amsterdam will be poured so you can show us that you’re the best at drinking beers from Amsterdam on a magical Friday evening in De Tegenstelling.

We’ll see you on April 5th at 17:00 in De Tegenstelling!

The Alcoholaat

Board Information Evening

Are you interested in doing a board year at Gyrinus natans or have you always wondered what the board actually does? Come to the Board information evening on Tuesday the 2nd of April!

During this evening we will explain what a board year at Gyrinus natans looks like in general and how you can combine this with your study. In addition, the different functions will be explained, as every board member is busy with different tasks. There is, of course, plenty of time for asking function related questions as well as general questions.

Your presence at this evening is completely without obligation! Registration is not needed, just put yourself on ‘present’ at the Facebook event, so we know how many people we can expect.

What: Information evening board year
When: Tuesday the 2nd of April
Where: Gyrinus room (P-022)
Start: 17:00
Link to the Facebook event:

Citytrip 2019

Dear Gyrini,

Want a weekend away consisting of parties, exploring a new city and a lot of fun? Then this is your chance!

Soon, the citytrip will take place and this year, we’re going to…

We’ll leave on Wednesday evening the 29th of May and we’ll arrive back at the VU on Sunday the 2nd of June. The price is between 110 – 120 euros, including the bus trip and stay.

Sign up now, because FULL = FULL

De Kampcie

FIll Your Watering Can Borrel

Glasses are sooo passé, and since we don’t feel like collecting glasses all night we are glad to introduce the Fill-Your-Wateringcan socialdrinks 6! Trash your shed, rob an Ikea, raid your grandma, do whatever you have to do to shine with the most fantastic watering can of all.

Ofcourse, this is an ideal moment to introduce all your boring friends to show them what your new studentlife looks like and what makes The Tegenstelling such a wonderfull place!

Together, Jelly and Samwise will fill your watering can with beer for just €3,80 per liter!

Ofcourse we do have a couple of watering cans, but those aren’t very impressing to any self respecting beer drinker. If you take one of our watering cans you are also not taking part in our challenge for the most impressing watering can, and the most wanted, supersecret awesome prize for best watering can.

See you on Friday March the 15th!

Lots of Love,

Jelly and Samwise (Alcoholaat)

Cooking For The Homeless

Dear Gyrini,

It’s almost time for Cooking for the Homeless again! The Actcie is looking for enthusiastic people that would love to cook a delicious meal for a group of homeless people in Amsterdam. Do you like cooking and would you like to have fun at the same time? Then send a email to ln.su1558674556niryg1558674556@eict1558674556ca1558674556 ! It will take place on March 12th from 13.30 to 18.00. Please also submit an idea for a recipe!

De Actcie

Employee Borrel

On Thursday the 7th of March, Gyrinus natans will organise an employee ‘borrel’. This will be a perfect opportunity to catch up with your colleagues and have a drink after work. All staff members of the Faculty of Bèta Sciences are invited to join us in ‘de Tegenstelling’ (D-103, W&N Building) from 17:30 till 20:00. We will provide some snacks and the first 100 drinks will be for free! Hopefully we will see you all on the 7th of March in ‘de Tegenstelling’!

Anatomy Lecture

Dear Gyrinii,

On Wednesday the 6th of March yet another installment of our yearly anatomy lecture will take place. For this edition Wouter van Gestel will bring a capibara to dissect right in front of your eyes, and you won’t even miss the slightest details, because the action will be broadcast right to the beamer. The lecture will start at 16:00 and will take till 17:30 at WN-D107. Later entry and earlier departure are possible when necessary.

– What: anatomy lecture of a capibara
– Time: 16:00-17:30
– Where: WN-D107

De Onderwijscie