Introductionweek: Introcamp 2019 Gyrinus natans 28th – 30th August

Dear future first-year students,

For the bachelor studies, Biomedical sciences and Biology the faculty association Gyrinus natans organises several activities next to the activities that the VU organises, and at the end of the week also an amazing camp!

You’ll travel by bus to an unknown location to get to know your fellow students way better! The best beginning for your student life!

We will leave on the 28th of August and will return on Friday the 30th of August. You can buy your ticket as a package deal at this link: for €45,-.

In short:

What? Camp

When? 28th – 30th August
Where? To be announced
Price? €45,-

More information can be found on our introduction website:

We hope to see you then!

The introduction committee

Hitchhiking Contest

Paris? Hamburg? Sydney? Always wanted to go on a citytrip to such destinations, but never had the money? Did you miss the citytrip to Gdansk? No problemo, for +/- 35 euros you can travel to a yet unknown foreign destination. We will hitchhike to the destination on the 15th and 16th of June, where we will eat together, explore the city and of course party!!1! Partner up with your bestie or let us make a match made in heaven. The fastest couple will win an awesome prize (spoiler: it isn’t a stellingcard) and will be honored with a photo in the GK! So, what are you waiting for? Send a mail to ln.su1568775721niryg1568775721@djir1568775721tsdew1568775721tfil1568775721 with:
– Your full name (and your partners if you have one already)
– Allergies
– Lots of love
Be quick, because there are a limited number of spots.
The prize of +/- 35 euros includes the hostel and retour with a bus. A backup car is always travelling along. Only MALE/MALE and MALE/FEMALE couples are allowed!

Bird Excursion

Dear Gyrini,

The trees are green again and the birds are chirping. Which means that the famous bird excursion is back! On the 11th of June we will gather at the GK (P-022) to leave the VU at 6.15 p.m.
So get your bird books from the shelves and your binoculars from the attic to join us on this special day. We will start with a picnic and after that we will watch some beautiful creatures. And the best part (well beside the birds) is that all of this is FREE! However, it would be nice if you would bring some food or drinks for the picnic, because more is more.

Also, if you are able to bring a car, please let us know by answering the corresponding question in the sign-up form. If we can manage to have enough cars available that day, we won’t have to go to the location by bike. (But we’ll let you know if that’s the case or if you still have to bring your bike.)

Sign up via the following link:

Hope to see you there!!


Roommate Borrel

Most of you don’t live with your parents anymore, maybe you live at Uilenstede now with 13 others or somewhere else in Amsterdam with some others. Nevertheless you’ve probably told your roommates about Gyrinus. Maybe they found you falling asleep on the couch totally wasted on Wednesday evening or you had to explain why again you can’t hang out with your roommates because you are at a Gyrinus activity.
June 5th is the time to introduce them to De Tegenstelling. Have a beer with them and forget all the not done dishes or the other “house-tasks”, which haven’t been done!

Charity Lunch

Dear students,

On the 5th of June the Actcie will organize a charity lunch. From 12.45 till 13.30 you can come to the GK and enjoy a warm, fresh waffle. It is a perfect opportunity to take a break from learning and everything happening in life.

The profits of this lunch will go to the charity ‘De Regenboog Groep’. This is a group that cares about everybody in Amsterdam and looks out for the less fortunate. For more information go to their site: There you will also find merchandise and other things they sell to support their amazing work. We hope to see you all on the 5th of June!

With love,


Candidate General Members’ Meeting

Dear members,

On Tuesday May 21st 2019 the Candidate General Members’ Meeting (GMM) will take place. During this GMM the board of 2019-2020 will be elected. The meeting will start at 17:00 and will finish before 22:00 in lecture hall D107. Around 19:00 the GMM will be shortly suspended and free dinner will be served. In case there’s any time left after the meeting, a borrel will be held in de Tegenstelling to thank all those present for their attendance.

The GMM is meant to give the members more insight into the state of affairs within the association. The board of Gyrinus natans hereby cordially invites you to attend this GMM. We would very much appreciate your presence here. This way you can bring matters that you deem important to the general attention and give us any feedback you might have. See you there!


Board 2018-2019

Vondelpark Clean-Up

Dear Gyrini,

We have something new this year, a clean up of the Vondelpark! You may think ‘whatever I don’t wanna get dirty’, but let me assure you, that ain’t gonna happen. We want to give you an amazing opportunity to collect trash that is polluting the environment (let’s go bio’s) and throw it in the present bins. So do you think ‘that’s something for me, it is only two hours’, don’t hesitate to sign up at ln.su1568775721niryg1568775721@eict1568775721ca1568775721 and we’ll see you soon! Ciao!

Date: 15th of May

Pure Music

Gyrinus natans presents: Pure Music 2019!
Like previous years the talented people of the VU and around are giving LIVE performances! Fantastic bands or even a marvelous solo artist, it is all in the game. A festive night with friends, music and nice drinks.

When: Wednesday 15th of May, 17:00-23:30
Where: Tuinzaal (T-wing of the corridor on ground level)
Who: TBA
Entrance: FREE

Want to perform on this evening? Please send an e-mail to ln.su1568775721niryg1568775721@cisu1568775721merup1568775721


Are you a team player? Do you like winning? Do you love a party? Then we need you! Join the Batavierenrace, the largest relay race in the world, and make Gyrinus great again! In less than 18 hours we’ll run from Nijmegen to Enschede, which are 175 km apart from each other. The distance is divided into 25 sub-distances, varying from 3.5km till 10.7km. Besides the race, you’ll experience old school camping, enjoy the biggest student party in the Benelux and have lots of fun! We have a limited number of spots, so quickly sign up via!

When: 10 – 12  May
The Sportcie

Company Visit: Hubrecht Institute

Dear Gyrinii,

On May the 8th the educational committee organises another amazing company visit! The destination this year is the Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht. For those of you that have never heard of the Hubrecht, they are a research institute with a focus on evolutionary and developmental genetics. There is limited room available so if you’re interested quickly go to and sign up before may 7th. If you join us, please be in the Gyrinus Room at 10:45 so we can leave for the Hubrecht Institute at 11:00. If you choose to go on your own accord make sure that you are at the busstop Heidelberglaan no later than 12:45. We hope to see you there!