Write a Christmas Card for the Elderly

Dear Gyrini, 

Let the countdown begin… because Christmas is just around the corner! A good prospect to relax during the holidays after the last exam week of the year. In addition to good food and conviviality, Christmas is also about caring and that is why, just like in previous years, we want to distribute Christmas cards among the elderly in the Netherlands. Loneliness is common during this time of the year and this needs to be changed! Help us by making a difference and fill a card with a personal message, poem, encouraging words or something else creative. You can write your message in English in the form https://www.gyrinus.nl/christmascards/ and we will translate the message and write the card for you. You can also leave a message in Dutch or write it in a card yourself in the Gyrinusroom (WN-PO22). The cards can be handed in until Thursday December 9th at 17.00h.  Thank you on behalf of the national elderly care fund and the Actcie, who will ensure your card gets to the right address.

With love, Actcie

Abstract Competition

Dear master students,
The Mastercie is hosting their annual abstract competition again on the 14th of January 2022! By submitting your abstract from your previous bachelor/master internship project, you have the chance to win a cash prize $$$! A team of jury members consisting of VU researchers will rank the submitted abstracts. Students with the top abstracts are then invited to present their research in a short presentation during the event on the 14th of January, where a winner will be chosen.
Send in your abstract via gyrinus.nl/abstract before the 10th of December 2021 to participate!
Best regards,
The Master committee, Gyrinus natans
If you have any questions, please contact us via ln.su1643096314niryg1643096314@sret1643096314sam1643096314

Jump and Hit

Frustration, frustration, frustration! Sadly our government has enforced another lockdown… Do you want to let loose during these stressful times? We know the perfect way to do this! Join us December the 8th from 18.15-20.00 to jump away all your problems at a fun trampoline hall. For the ones that have real anger issues we also have a fun game of dodgeball (trefbal) where the goal is to hit other people with a ball :). So, don’t be shy and show us your most amazing flips, tricks and jumps. 

For only 15 you can be there. Just fill in this form https://www.gyrinus.nl/jumpandhit/ and we hope to see you there.

Lots of Love,


Baking Pepernoten with the Elderly

– ENTHUSIASTIC VOLUNTEERS WANTED – Brought to you by the Actcie
Dear members,
It’s the (al)most wonderful time of the year, which means it’s pepernoten season! Have you always wanted to learn how to make pepernoten? And lend a helping hand with the eldery? Then this is your chance! On Monday, December 6th between 13.15 to 15.30 h, the Actcie is organizing the first ‘Baking Pepernoten with the Elderly’ at Osdorperweg 541 and we need your help. Come help us and the elderly make delicious pepernoten for the holidays.
If you are interested, save this date and sign up by sending an email to ln.su1643096314niryg1643096314@eict1643096314ca1643096314
Much love,

Put your shoe down

Sinterklaas and Piet are back in the country again! This means we got the message from them that they will come by the 3rd of December. They were really sad that the Sinterklaasborrel could not take place anymore, so they came up with an alternative: Put your shoe down! This means that at the 3rd of December, you can come by at the Gyrinusroom and drop your shoe there (from 9 to 5 ofcourse). Leave a little present for Ozosnel and sing a Sinterklaas song as loud as you can. After the weekend, you might find a present and a personalized poem based on the beautiful Roddelbox which is very, very full of rumours.

A couple of notes:
– Please leave a small note with your name in your shoe. Otherwise Sinterklaas does not know where to look in his book for the best rumours about you.
– Do not come by in big groups: you can come with a couple of friends or alone. We don’t bite 😊.
– Have fun!

Where: Gyrinus room (P-022)
What to bring: Your shoe, note with your name
When: The 3rd of December from 09:00 – 17:00
Price: Presents are free

Sign via this link: www.gyrinus.nl/dropyourshoedown


Aahhwoooooo! Full moon rising, the cold air and the silent nights. They’re coming. The bloodthirsty werewolves are drawing nigh. Is it you, your friend or one of your other “innocent” colleagues? Who knows? How many will fall until the werewolves are done feasting? Eliminate the hungry beasts and save the village.

But wait, not every innocent villager is as simple as they seem. Some might shoot, curse or make others fall in love whilst the mystery remains unsolved. Are you up to the task and will you save the town of Miller’s Hollow?

Come and join the Spelcie on Wednesday the 17th for a classic game of Werewolves! There is going to be a lot of mystery and of course drinks! Sign up now through the link or you can join us on the day of the event!

Date: 17th of November

Price: free to join, but bring cash for drinks

Sign up link: www.gyrinus.nl/werewolves

Beer cantus

Do you have the best signing voice of Gyrinus? Or the loudest? Or do you just enjoy singing, or drinking, or having a good time? Or all of the above? In any case, we have the perfect evening planned for you! Because you’re amazing, and special, and no-one is quite like you, and you really deserve to let loose for a night. You’ve worked so hard.
So join your friends of Gyrinus (even those you haven’t met yet) in a wonderful couple of hours of songs, beer, camaraderie, and even more songs! The tunes of all of your musical heroes will feature during our cantus, from Billy Joel to Neil Diamond to John de Bever. So what are you waiting for? Why are you still reading this? Sign yourself up mate, we’re not getting any younger, are we? 
What: Beer cantus
Where: TBA
When: November 11, evening. Time TBA
Do I need to pay: Yes you do, for nothing comes the sun up
Alright, how much then: €geld
Which remarkably amazing committee is organising this legendary activity: the lovely Excurcie! <3

Mussel meal

The leaves are falling off the trees, our favorite winter sweaters are taken out of the closet, and perhaps the most exciting thing of this season: the Mussel Meal is around the corner! Yes yes, it’s that time of the year again!
The Mussel Meal is an evening that revolves around shellfish, Budels, and carefully selected wines ready to satisfy your taste buds. The Mussel Team invites you to let yourself be pampered with this delicious meal on November 24 from 17:00 until 0:00. The meal will be prepared exclusively by our beloved employees who have a lot of experience and expertise. The Mussel Meal will take place at De Tegenstelling, which will be filled with beautiful lights, long tables, and the smell of the salty sea.

The whole night is reserved for this gastronomic festival, so if you can already smell the sea and can’t wait to savor this meal, sign up tomorrow at 20:00 via www.gyrinus.nl/musselmeal
See you then!

– The Musselteam

Life Sciences Career day

After being absent for 2 years, the Life Sciences Career day is ready to make its comeback! Over the past year faculty association Gyrinus natans has been working on the return of the LSC, and on Wednesday the 10th of November it’s finally time. It can be difficult to determine what you want to do after graduating, but on this day we invited a diverse group of potential employers from the Life Sciences industry to be present at our information market to give you a better view about your possibilities. In addition multiple interesting workshops will be given! Afterwards there will also be time for informal drinks with your potential future employers.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to work on your future and make sure that you will be there on the 10th of November! Sign up using the following link: www.gyrinus.nl/LSC2021

And for more information you can check: www.lifesciencescareerday.com

Biocamp 2021!

Dear Gyrini,

Although the first courses of the year may seem to last forever, the Kampcie comes bearing great news: BIOCAMP is less than a month away!

Pack your favorite Gyrinus merch and get ready for a weekend full of laughs, games and drinking all whilst staying in some tiny village somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

Make sure to save the date because this is a weekend you don’t want to miss!

What? Biocamp

When? November 5th untill 7th

Price? 65-75 euros


The sign-up link will open this Friday the 15th of October at 20:00 so make sure to pin it in your agenda because full=full !!!

Much love,