Beer cantus

Do you have the best signing voice of Gyrinus? Or the loudest? Or do you just enjoy singing, or drinking, or having a good time? Or all of the above? In any case, we have the perfect evening planned for you! Because you’re amazing, and special, and no-one is quite like you, and you really deserve to let loose for a night. You’ve worked so hard.
So join your friends of Gyrinus (even those you haven’t met yet) in a wonderful couple of hours of songs, beer, camaraderie, and even more songs! The tunes of all of your musical heroes will feature during our cantus, from Billy Joel to Neil Diamond to John de Bever. So what are you waiting for? Why are you still reading this? Sign yourself up mate, we’re not getting any younger, are we? 
What: Beer cantus
Where: TBA
When: November 11, evening. Time TBA
Do I need to pay: Yes you do, for nothing comes the sun up
Alright, how much then: €geld
Which remarkably amazing committee is organising this legendary activity: the lovely Excurcie! <3