Bock Beer Borrel

Dear Gyrini,
The summer is officially over now, temperatures are dropping, leaves are falling from the trees and we have some rainy days ahead of us. That can mean only one thing: Autumn’s coming. But don’t be sad, every cloud has a silver lining: The BockBeerBorrel!
On the 14th of October, our beloved pub will be transferred into an autumn paradise.
The Alcoholaat wants to welcome you in the Tegenstelling to come and enjoy 6 carefully selected and delicious bock beers. I hear you think: ‘But what if I get hungry?’ Well, there will be a delicious serving of the authentic Alcoholaat stew to satisfy your appetite. Let this evening be the beacon of light during these rainy autumn days! And the best thing is that the evening we have all been waiting for, is already in 3 weeks. So, we do not have to wait for long!
We hope that you will join us the 14th for an evening with some of the best things this season has to offer.
See you then!
Much love,
The Alcoholaat