Bock Beer Borrel

Dear Gyrini and bock beer lovers,

Rainy days have come upon us, temperatures are dropping, the leaves are turning red, brown and yellow and we all know what that means; it is time for the Bock Beer Borrel!

This is the moment we have all been waiting for, the beacon of light during these rainy autumn days and the best part is that we do not have to wait for long! On Friday the 29th of October we want to welcome you in the Tegenstelling to try six carefully selected bock beers. During the event you can buy a ticket that gives you the option of trying all of the bock beers.

The price of this ticket is to be announced. To keep things even more exciting, the beers will be kept a secret for now and each week leading up to the event we will reveal one or two of them. On the menu you will find the famous authentic Alcoholaat stew made with love and following an old family recipe!

We hope you join us for an evening with some of the best things this season has to offer. Do not forget to sign up for this event on Wednesday the 13th of October at 20:00!

We hope to see you there!


the Alcoholaat