Bock Beer Borrel

Dear Gyrini,

The sunny summer days are slowly being replaced by the rainy autumn days. The nights will be longer, and the days will be shorter. The t-shirts will be replaced by coats. The wind is very cold. Once you arrive home you put on your comfy outfit and take a seat at the warm fireplace. Nana’s famous stew has been simmering on the stove all day. Staring through the window watching the leaves fall of the trees you think: “aahhh autumn.” What is missing on a night like this? Exactly, a collection of the most delicious bock beers. Autumn is coming and so is the Bock Beer Borrel on Friday the 25th of October at de Tegenstelling! We open our doors to give you a warm welcome and provide you with the best season bound bock beers!