Cultural borrel

Dear Gyrini,

the Globalcie has a Budels (brand) new activity in store for you!
We believe that celebrating the great richness and diversity of the vast amount of different cultures found all around our precious globe is of great value. Therefore, during the next Wednesdayborrel on the 22nd of February, the Globalcie is transforming the Tegenstelling into a place not seen before, with delicious food, drinks you can’t get enough of and unique decorations. Do not miss this opportunity to expand your horizon and experience a good few integral elements of some of the most astonishing foreign cultures around, all of this in the comfort of our own homey Tegenstelling.
Come and join us on the 22nd of February from 17:00 till 22:00 to be a part of Gyrinus’ very first Cultural Borrel!