The Dutch City Trip

Are you interested in discovering THE Dutch city of modern architecture? See the city that is the birthplace of kapsalon? Walk through the largest port in Europe? Then we have just the thing for you with our upcoming Dutch city trip!
This year, we will be going to Rotterdam! During this one-day trip on Thursday the 11th of May, we will present to you a list of optional activities, a sightseeing itinerary,a booklet that includes all the fun facts and recommendations about the beautiful city of Rotterdam, and a pub crawl to finish off the night. You will also get a goody bag that will bring you closer than ever to the Dutch culture. The trip will be from 13.00 and onwards and it will go on till you say stop! The ticket price is 6 euros and make sure to sign up quick because there are limited places via 
Much love,
Globalcie 🙂