Dear members,
on Monday the first week of the college year will start again. Normally this means the Stelling will open soon (the best day of the year!) However, sadly enough we can’t borrel in the Stelling yet, but fortunately this doesn’t mean we can’t start the new year with lots of friends, lots of drinks and lots of fun! That is why Wednesday September 2nd we will have our anual ESA at Thuishaven, from 19:30 till 00:00!!

We want to point out to you that we will not serve alcohol if you are not 18 yet.
We want to remind you all to keep in mind the Corona virus, so if you are feeling ill please stay home.
Stay healthy and we hope to see many of you September 2nd! The sign up link for the ESA is the following:

Lots of love,

the 67th board