Gyrinus Update March 2020

Dear visitor,

Just like that the month February flew by. Perhaps because of the many activities that we all did together, or just because February is the shortest month. We will never know. 

The only thing we do know is that March will once again is filled to the brim with awesome activities. To start this month of just right March 3rd the employee borrel will be held, with some free drinks and snacks for you. 

After this March 6th, de Tegenstelling will be like a kindergarten, seeing all the parents during the Parents Borrel. After this trip down memory lane, the Onderwijscie will organize a visit to the company IQVIA during the Company Visit to show us what our future might be like. To end this month full of fun on a high note, March 24th, the board information evening will be held and just like that we are already looking for our successors. 

Lastly, I would like to inform you all that our yearly band show Pure Music will be May 20th in de Tuinzaal. For more information look at the other side!

Kind regards,

Sander van den Ouden

Commissioner of Activities 2019/2020