Public Science Event: How Nature Inspires Radical Innovation

Learn how nature is inspiring radical innovation across the globe, in a multimedia lecture by evolutionary biologist Toby Kiers and author William Myers. Step into the secret world of underground fungal trade networks and discover how nature can reshape architecture and design.

Plants and fungi as pioneers of the free market economy

In the dark, underground, plants and fungi form complex networks of trade, swapping nutrients and sugars. This stable, equitable economic system has persisted for some 470 million years. How does this system work and what can we humans learn from it?

Biodesign: Nature + Science + Creativity

By integrating nature’s processes with design we can improve the ecological performance of the objects around us. From architecture to advertising and concrete to clothing, new examples of this innovative approach to building and manufacturing are rapidly emerging.

  • Datum: 4 December 2013, Woensdag
  • Tijd: 20:00
  • Spreker: Evolutionary biologist Toby Kiers, author William Myers and an animation by Niels Hoebers
  • Taal: Engels
  • Wetenschapsgebied: Aard- en levenswetenschappen
  • Kosten: € 5, incl. 2 drinks & a Mediamatic Membership (Registreren via website)
  • Locatie: Mediamatic, Van Gendthallen (next to Roest), VOC-kade 10, Oostenburg, 1018 LG Amsterdam
  • Website: