Put your shoe down

Sinterklaas and Piet are back in the country again! This means we got the message from them that they will come by the 3rd of December. They were really sad that the Sinterklaasborrel could not take place anymore, so they came up with an alternative: Put your shoe down! This means that at the 3rd of December, you can come by at the Gyrinusroom and drop your shoe there (from 9 to 5 ofcourse). Leave a little present for Ozosnel and sing a Sinterklaas song as loud as you can. After the weekend, you might find a present and a personalized poem based on the beautiful Roddelbox which is very, very full of rumours.

A couple of notes:
– Please leave a small note with your name in your shoe. Otherwise Sinterklaas does not know where to look in his book for the best rumours about you.
– Do not come by in big groups: you can come with a couple of friends or alone. We don’t bite 😊.
– Have fun!

Where: Gyrinus room (P-022)
What to bring: Your shoe, note with your name
When: The 3rd of December from 09:00 – 17:00
Price: Presents are free

Sign via this link: www.gyrinus.nl/dropyourshoedown