Rhyme Without Reason Party

What do mr. Worldwide and a corpsbride have in common?
What about Van Gogh and a golf pro?
Smurf and surf?
It’s been way too long since the last Feestcie party, but we’re back with another great party,
And with another great theme, of course!

Things that rhyme don’t have to have anything in common, so grab your dictionaries and make up the best rhymes for the Rhyme Without a Reason party! So grab a partner (friend, comrade, lover), and get ready to explain to everyone your costumes all night long! It is also allowed to make a group of 3 or 4, however creative you can be!
Will you two go as a mobster and a lobster? Maybe a tennis pro and a hot cheeto? Whatever you will be, we’ll see you at club Hotshots from 22:00 to 4:00.
Ticket prices: €4,- gyrinus member, €5,- non gyrinus member. Sign up quick because there are limited places via gyrinus.nl/rhymewithoutreason

Much love,