Snack Lunch

We’re back!!!!
Since we can’t get enough of the delicious Dutch deep-fried snacks, the Studiereiscie is organizing another snack lunch. This involves typical Dutch deep-fried snacks like ‘frikandel’, ‘kroket’ and ‘kaassouflé’ on white buns. All profits will go to the study trip, to make it even more spectacular! So don’t forget to drop by the Gyrinus room between 12:30 and 13:30 on February 2nd and put yourself on ‘present’ to make sure you get a delicious snack. Then you’ll have delicious fuel to get through the day, and you will contribute to an unforgettable study trip!
To find out how many snacks we have to buy, we ask you to fill in the following form in advance.
In addition, we ask you to pay for the snack(s) in advance, so that we can be sure that you are there!
To summarize:
What: Snack Lunch
When? 2nd of February
What time? 12:30-13:30
Where? WN P-022 (Gyrinus room)
How? Just fill in the forms above and pay in advance (2 euros per snack)!
The Studiereiscie