Wasted, Mortal and in the train

Do you have a love for alcohol and adventure? Then join us on the 16th of February for the exciting Wasted mortal in the train trip! It’s been three years, but the wait is finally over.

Now for the practical information:
We will meet up at Amsterdam Zuid at 21:00 where we will then take the train to the beautiful, alcohol-loving city, Delft. Now Delft is known for its lively student atmosphere, but we’re confident that us gyrini can outdrink them all. We will go on a pub crawl and drink the night away but you’re wrong if you think we’ll be starting our drinking journey there! So, bring your favorite alcoholic beverage(s) and join us on this liver-ending adventure.

We are looking forward to seeing you all there!

With much love,
The Alcoholaat