Aahhwoooooo! Full moon rising, the cold air and the silent nights. They’re coming. The bloodthirsty
werewolves are drawing nigh. Is it you, your friend or one of your other “innocent” colleagues? Who
knows? How many will fall until the werewolves are done feasting? Eliminate the hungry beasts and
save the village.
But wait, not every innocent villager is as simple as they seem. Some might shoot, curse or make
others fall in love whilst the mystery remains unsolved. Are you up to the task and will you save the
town of Miller’s Hollow?

Come and join the Spelcie on Wednesday the 17th for a classic game of Werewolves! There is going
to be a lot of mystery and of course drinks! Sign up now through the link or you can join us on the
day of the event!

Date: 9th of March
Price: free to join, but bring cash for drinks
Sing up link: www.gyrinus.nl/werewolves