Write a Christmas Card for the Elderly

Dear Gyrini, 

Let the countdown begin… because Christmas is just around the corner! A good prospect to relax during the holidays after the last exam week of the year. In addition to good food and conviviality, Christmas is also about caring and that is why, just like in previous years, we want to distribute Christmas cards among the elderly in the Netherlands. Loneliness is common during this time of the year and this needs to be changed! Help us by making a difference and fill a card with a personal message, poem, encouraging words or something else creative. You can write your message in English in the form https://www.gyrinus.nl/christmascards/ and we will translate the message and write the card for you. You can also leave a message in Dutch or write it in a card yourself in the Gyrinusroom (WN-PO22). The cards can be handed in until Thursday December 9th at 17.00h.  Thank you on behalf of the national elderly care fund and the Actcie, who will ensure your card gets to the right address.

With love, Actcie