(English) Blog 3: Hail to the King

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Hail to the King

Blog 3

Dear Gyrini,

I see a lot of great ideas coming by these days. Today I want to write a homage to my roommate, who made this year’s Kingsday unforgettable.
Each year, at Kingsday, students crawl out of their dens to go to festivals throughout the whole country. This year, unfortunately, they couldn’t. This leaves them to options. Either do nothing at all or make the greatest party ever at home. My roommate decided to do the last thing. She decided to call the municipality, the police, and the local residents association for permission to throw the biggest Uilenstede balcony party ever.
Provided that the party was held according to the RIVM guidelines, the party was permitted. I had the honor to help her a little so she wasn’t the only one responsible for the party. We set a few rules, these include, for example, no glassware on the balconies, keep 1.5 meters distance from each other, and only residents allowed on the balconies (so no guests from outside). 
We have a lot of DJ’s in the yellow tower at Uilenstede, who wanted to show their talent. They made a timetable containing a wide variety of genres. We kicked off with Latin & Disco en ended with some “snoeiharde” Techno, making the whole tower go totally nuts as if our legend Reinier Zonneveld himself was there. 
A lot of police cars drove by and none of them stopped because everyone followed the rules so well. Even RTL came by.
This edition of the blog was not only a homage to my roommate who made this Kingsday unforgettable, but it’s also an example of how even in these strange days almost anything is possible, as long as you have a good idea. 
Oh and btw, if you have a good idea and would like some help, you can always contact ln.su1716378027niryg1716378027@najk1716378027redto1716378027n1716378027.
a fellow member
Kingsday 2020 Uilenstede Yellow Flat
Kingsday 2020 Uilenstede Yellow Flat
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