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Blog 1

Dear Gyrini,

Postponing is something we’re all really good at. Don’t we all know that feeling the day before the exam: why didn’t I choose to study earlier? As for myself, I think postponing is something I excel most at. I always look for excuses.

“There was a Gyrinus borrel yesterday and now I am hungover, so I will do it tomorrow.”

Never ever would I have thought a few months ago that my main ‘excuse’ for postponing a lot of events would be a worldwide virus, disrupting everyone’s daily life.

I am very curious about how you guys are entertaining yourselves during these times of quarantine, so I will listen to your guy’s stories and tell them in this new column. Feel free to send your ideas for activities to kill time with to ln.su1716691240niryg1716691240@najk1716691240redto1716691240n1716691240 . I am sure they will tell them to me.


One of your fellow members 


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