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Blog 2

Dear Gyrini,

Last week I told you that I will write on how Gyrini are going through these times of quarantine. I asked some members and I think the best advice I got was: maintain a good sleep rhythm. To do this, you can set your alarm at 8 or 9 am so you still have a whole day to do stuff. For me personally this doesn’t really count since I’m kinda lazy.

A whole day of sitting home, watching movies, eating a lot of food is quite boring and can also be quite bad for your health condition. Therefore it is important to keep moving. You can find out what works for you. Some Gyrini started running like complete maniacs. This is of course a very good idea, but please keep aware of your surroundings and stay away at least 1.5 meters (more if possible) from your fellow humans, it might save life. You can also be like our chairman Maarten, he bought fitness elastic ropes at the Action and the Decathlon. He told me those ropes can actually maintain your gym gains even though they work slightly different than weight training with dumbbells for example. It will mostly take more repeats per set to reach the same intensity, but several studies have proven (for these studies, ask Maarten, I already said I am a lazy man) that working out with lower weights can still lead to the same gains.

Well enough about sports, there are of course a lot more things to do. Our beloved committees are looking for ways to entertain you guys while staying home. For example, Sophie of the Spelcie told me about the Gyrini Quarantini Game Night. This will take place on April 8th (see the Gyrinus app or Facebook for more information). A fun way to play some games online with fellow Gyrini!

For more tips, tricks and experiences of Gyrini, stay tuned for the next blog!!!
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One of your fellow members 

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