Blog 4: Becoming Famous

Becoming Famous

Blog 4

Dear Gyrini,


Sometimes you wake up with just the best idea ever. This must have been the case when for example Donald Trump woke up and thought: I want to become the president of The United States. Whether that was a good idea is something to argue about but let’s go back to the point. This morning I woke up and I suddenly thought: I want to become famous.

The question arose: how can I get famous? Well, first I had to review my personal qualities. I think I don’t have a lot of them that would make me famous. Maybe one quality is my quality of constantly talking, especially when drunk until people get annoyed by it. I discussed it with my friend Sander and he had a great idea: 

‘Become a Twitch streamer’.

I made some YouTube video’s seven (!) years ago. Seven years ago, that’s when some of you already were part of Gyrinus but it’s also when some of you were just out of the womb. Unfortunately, I never persecuted my goal of becoming a famous YouTuber so I might have lost that talent.

But besides a lot of talent, what does it take to become a good Twitch streamer? It takes, of course, good hardware (I doubt whether I possess that, I didn’t bring my desktop to Uilenstede), a lot of patience (do I have time for that?), and a smooth chat (I think I can do that).

Probably the most important thing is: you need content to stream. To relive my youth, I might stream some good ol’ Minecraft (on the GyrinusCraft server?). The game appears to remain immoderate popular amongst children (and adults as well as we just proved with our very own server). But do I want to be a popular streamer only to be watched by people with probably half of the age of me?

All in all, I realized that I might be not that suitable to become a good streamer, but if you see a Twitch channel of one of your fellow members next week, then you know that I finally persecuted my dreams.

Maybe next time, I will have a new idea to become famous.


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