Blog 5: Step by Step

Step by Step

Blog 5

How long has it been since the start of this all? Days, weeks, or even months? It is hard to keep track of days, as they are blending together during the quarantine. But luckily last week there has been an announcement by the Dutch government. Step by step we are seeing the end of all this.

Quite literally step by step may I add. In the past few months, there was some criticism about the unclarity regarding some COVID-19 measures. Many people did not know if they would be able to be still able to do their job, if there would be a daycare for there children, and here at our very own Uilenstede, we had the great whine of 2020, which has led to the beautiful decoration matrix boards right outside our windows.

Rutte woke up one day and finally realized that us poor students indeed need some more perspective into the future. And so the government launched a schedule which shows what will open when and how. Here everything is meticulously planned out and most questions are answered. 

We now know there will be no Lowlands, Liquicity, or other festivals, which is a bummer, but not unexpected. The better news is, outside sports are back, dentists can be open again and (if there are no new peaks) cinemas, bars, and cafes will open their doors very soon again! All in all, even though Rutte saw the light a little bit late, luckily he also knows the importance of “terrasjes pakken”. Therefore if I would have to grade Rutte’s acting, I would give it a 5.5. Albeit late, most is clarified and that is what counts. And let’s be real, the OG DUO buddies (which Rutte definitely is) aim for just that. 

Even though he tried to think of everything while releasing these measures (even sex workers and coffee shops are on there, praise Willy), he still forgot one very very important thing. When are we allowed to borrel again? I need my Gyrinus.


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