Blog 6: Quarantine Dating

Quarantine Dating

Blog 6

During quarantine, things are a bit different. You can’t see a lot of other people, while your needs are maybe higher than ever. Fortunately, there are some ways to still get the attention you want, while retaining social distancing.

  1. The social distance hike

The first example is very basic but has become very popular in the past few months. Hiking is not only a way to get somebody movement (which is very important, especially in these stay-at-home days), it is also a nice way to find new places to see. Ask a girl or boy you like for a hike and take them to for example “Het Amsterdamse Bos”. You will be amazed at how great nature can be. A very great pro is that you don’t have to talk constantly, don’t forget to appreciate nature sometimes!


  1. The social distancing hike with beer/ wine

This one is not necessarily a lot different from the previous example, except for the fact that beer or wine is involved. Bring some nice beers or a bottle of wine on your hike, success guaranteed. A small side note is that it is better to do this at a later time of day, unless you want to be tipsy throughout the whole day.


  1. The social distancing chill out

This one is a bit more challenging, take two rugs with 1.5 meters between them, and find a good spot to chill out for a couple of hours. Take some snacks and some bottles of wine and a good mood.


  1. A Zoom date

You probably mainly know Zoom from all the boring workgroup meetings, but it can be very versatile. A Zoom date can be really nice, of course it is more difficult to show interest by using for example body language, which can make it quite challenging, but remember that your date has the same problem, so it should be no problem.

Good luck!


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