Blog 8: Holding on

Holding on

Blog 8

Dear Gyrini,

The quarantine has been going for a while now and although the measures have changed, it does not seem like it will be ending very soon. We have to wait a little while until everything will be back to normal again. It is quite funny to see how it differs from person to person how they try to handle the quarantine.

One positive thing that has changed, is the re-opening of shops and restaurants. We can finally go shopping again, go to the movies, or enjoy a drink on a sunny terrace. The downside of all this is that we are going to spend more money. Or you will spend just as much or even less money, depending on how you behaved when the shops and restaurants were still closed. There seems to be a division here. Some people spent all their money on clothes, gadgets or other things they do not really need while internet shopping simply because they were bored, while others were wise enough to start working more and save up some money. And, while others did not touch the money they saved for the summer holiday, others spent apart or, even worse, all of it. In the end, it does not really matter what you do with your money, because your health is way more important.

Talking about health, this is something else that seems to differ from person to person is how healthy someone will or will not get. Some people see this quarantine as an opportunity to finally start eating healthy and working out, trying to create a healthy lifestyle. The question is, will they continue to do so when everything will go back to normal? Have they really turned into fitgirls en fitboys? The other group is not trying to get fit at all. They are trying to live through this quarantine with the help of (a lot of) alcohol, ordering food under the motto #supportyourlocals, and finally taking the time to finally finish that series on Netflix, aka not working out at all. If money does not bring you happiness, maybe food does?

However you handle this quarantine, just make sure that you take very good care of yourself. These times can be very difficult because nothing seems to be normal anymore, but don’t be influenced by others. Make sure you come out of this quarantine as a happy person and do what you have to do to achieve this, even if it means spending more money than usual or eating 4000 calories a day 😉

Hang on <3


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