Book Sale

As a member of Gyrinus there are three ways in which you can receive a discount when buying your study books: at the live book sale, at the VU bookshop and online. You can buy English books with 15% discount, however there are specific rules for the sale of Dutch books. A 5% discount on Dutch books can be applied if you buy two or more different Dutch study books in one purchase.

Live Book sale
The live book sale is organized three times a year, at the beginning of the first, third and fifth period. During these book sales, you can become a member of Gyrinus and buy books for that period and the next at discount. Lab coats are also sold at the live book sales. Keep an eye on Facebook and the website for the exact dates of book sales.

VU bookshop

You can also buy your books with discount at the VU bookshop located in the main building. To receive the discount, just show that you are a member of Gyrinus by showing the Gyrinus sticker, available to collect at the board in room P-020. Membership and stickers are only valid for one year.
Study books can be located on the bottom floor of the VU bookshop and staff members are available to help you find the book you need.

Internet sale

As a member of Gyrinus it also possible to use the discount whilst buying. To buy your books online, follow this link, create an account and indicate that you are a member. You can also select to become a member and make use of the discount immediately to buy books online. You will receive an email from the board explaining how to complete your membership.

You can pay for your books using iDEAL and they will usually be delivered the next day, or will be available to collect from the VU bookshop. If you are having problems with your purchase or the delivery, please contact the bookshop and they will be able to assist you. The board is also available if you require help, however the bookshop is responsible for the delivery of your books.

Buying and selling second-hand books

If buying a new book is too expensive, you can also buy second-hand books at the VU bookshop. Check the website or visit the store to search for second-hand books.

If you want to sell your used books, you can do this through the VU bookshop. Visit this page and go through the following steps:

  1. Type the book’s ISBN or ISSN number and check whether your used book is recommended for next year as well. Only mandatory study books are able to be sold.
  2. Indicate whether the book’s condition classifies as ‘used’ (SecHand1), or ‘extensively used’ (SecHand2).
    • A used book looks neat and does not have anything written or marked inside.
    • An extensively used book might include notes, marks or minor damage.
  3. A price will be calculated depending on the condition of your book.
  4. Enter your contact details and confirm your book sale. Ensure you keep a copy of your confirmation. You will receive an email if your book has been sold.
  5. Bring your book to the VU bookshop as soon as possible (within 3 working days) and bring a copy of your confirmation.
  6. After you have brought your book to the VU bookstore, you will receive a proof of your submission and the money for your sale.