De Tegenstelling

De Tegenstelling is a place where you can get to know the students and employees of the faculty. Every Wednesday and Friday from 5 pm you can have a drink there with your colleagues and fellow students. De Tegenstelling is located in the WN-building in D-103 (next to lecture room D-107).

The Alcoholaat is the committee that keeps De Tegenstelling going. They take care of the special ‘social drinks’ on Wednesday and every Friday evening. Wednesday drinks are sometimes also organised by other committees of Gyrinus natans or by a department of the faculty. Special evenings are also sometimes run by a fellow study association or the Faculty Students council. Additionally, on Wednesdays you can enjoy a lovely dinner for only €2,50.

Prices in De Tegenstelling

  • Budels draft beer: € 1,10
  • Bottled craft beer: from € 1,50 to € 1,80
  • Soda: € 0,50
  • Wine: € 1,20

De Tegenstelling, the home of the Alcoholaat, has a rich history. Going back to the time De Tegenstelling was still only De Stelling. You can read more about this at ‘History’.

As well as the regular drinks on Wednesdays and Fridays, there is also the possibility to organise drinks yourself. This can be arranged for e.g. a graduation ceremony, a farewell reception or a promotion. To organise drinks, you can fill-in the drinks request form.