The Association

Gyrinus natans is the faculty association of the Faculty of Science and represents the Biology, Biomedical Sciences and related Master students. Of course employees and students from other programmes are also more than welcome to join our association.

With over 1100 members we are one of the biggest faculty associations of the VU university. The board and the numerous committees of the association organise a variety of activities. Several examples include:

  • Study related activities, such a book sales, lectures and a Life Science Career event;
  • Parties;
  • A camp and a city trip;
  • Excursions, such as a Whisky tasting or a birdwatching trip;
  • Company visits to e.g. NIN and Enza zaden;
  • Borrels, every Wednesday and Friday at ‘De Tegenstelling‘ and sometimes themed borrels, such as the Mussel meal, the Amsterdam Beer Fest and the Bock beer borrel.

Besides this we also organise activities in collaboration with our Brother and Sister associations, such as the final party.

If you are interested in our association and if you would like to know more, you can check out our other pages:

For further questions or suggestions you can always contact us.