The Board

The Board of Gyrinus natans consists of multiple enthuisiastic students. There are different functions in the Board which these students fulfill. Firstly, there is the “daily Board”, consisting of the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The other functions are Vice-chairman, Commissioner of Activities, Commissioner of Education, Commissioner of Public Relations and the Commisioner of the Tegenstelling. Each function has it’s specific tasks. Other tasks are devided over the members of the Board, like taking care of the animals and the Turff tablet. 

The whole Board has it’s meeting on a set day every week. The minutes of said meetings are sent to the members via e-mail every week as well. 

For questions regarding anything related to the faculty association or other related matters you can ask the Board as well. You can also talk to the board via the e-mail ln.su1686332471niryg1686332471@ofni1686332471.

If you’d like to join the Board and this way gain a lot of experience? Then please contact any of the members of the current Board. We are always looking for people that want to help our association! 

The current Board of Gyrinus natans

The Board of Gyrinus natans has at his heart the task to keep the association running. This task needs to be fulfilled by making new committees and helping existing committees to organise fun activities. 

The 70th board of faculty association Gyrinus natans consists of: 

Chairman – Tomer Jaffe
Secretary – Britt van de Goor
Treasurer – Julius van der Grinten
Vice-Chairman & Commissioner of Public Relations– Thomas Verbrugge
Commissioner of Activities – Joost Hollander
Commissioner of Education – Stijn Leegte
Commissioner of the Tegenstelling – Harm van Haalen


For questions, remarks or suggestions about the current policy, feel free to e-mail to ln.su1686332471niryg1686332471@ofni1686332471. Then we will discuss your e-mail in the weekly meeting. 

You can of course always come by our Board room P022 in the W&N building of the VU. 

For contact by phone you can reach us at 020-5987216 (between 9:00 and 17:00 on working days).