The Alcoholaat is the largest committee of Gyrinus natans. This committee ensures that the ‘borrels’, or social drinks, of the association are always a success.

What does the Alcoholaat do exactly?

The Alcoholaat takes care of the special borrels on Wednesday / Friday and in addition all Friday borrels in De Tegenstelling (D-103), our own drink room in the middle of the VU. The borrels start at 5 p.m. and continue until 10 p.m. In addition to these weekly drinks, the Alcoholaat also provides borrels on request. These are, for example, farewell, graduation or promotional borrels. This is possible in De Tegenstelling, but also on location (after all, there is a moving bar!). Students and staff of the faculty can easily request a drink at the Alcoholaat via the borrel request form.

Special borrels

In addition to the regular weekly borrels, the Alcoholaat also offers special borrels with a theme. Some successful examples of this are the Mexican borrel, Apres ski borrel, Bock beer borrel, Karaoke borrel and many others. These borrels are always a big success and you should definitely not miss them! In addition to these special borrels, the Alcoholaat also organizes the annual Mussel meal. That too is always a great success, where many former members always return. In addition to organizing our own borrels, the Alcoholaat also provides the drinks and personnel for other activities of the association, such as the “Pure Music” music festival.

What do you do in the Alcoholaat?

As a member of the Alcoholaat you’ll be tapping the borrel together with another Alcoholaat member about once every two months on Friday. You also help a number of times a year with building up De Tegenstelling for the Wednesday borrel. You will also have to have a sober responsibility duty a few times. In addition to tapping on our own borrels, you can also tap the special Alcoholaat borrels (such as the Bock beer borrel) for an hour. On those special borrels, the food is also provided by the Alcoholaat. Of course, cleaning must also be done after tapping. In addition to borrels, the Alcoholaat also has a meeting twice a month.

Who are in the Alcoholaat?













From left to right:
Carmen, Karlien, Ruben K., Luuk, Do, Hidde, Marloes, Renate, Niels
Soraya, Merel, Jelle, Bastian, Wouter, Marjolein
Tom, Ruben A., Charlotte, Malu, Michiel, Carolijn, Thomas, Stan
Nadia, Sam, Simone

The Alcoholaat consists of 24 members (as many as beers fit in a crate) from Gyrinus natans from different annual levels and from various studies at the Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences. Every year members can sign up to join the Alcoholaat. Once a year we go to Budel with all Alcoholaat members to take a look at the Budels brewery, the beer that has been served in De Tegenstelling for years.

Why would you want to join the Alcoholaat?

You like working behind the bar!
You are responsible and do a good job!
You are socially minded!
You are available to tap on Friday borrels!
You want to be part of a close group of people!
You want to be the first to hear the gossip of the bio-faculty!

How do you get into the Alcoholaat?

Every year it is possible to sign up for the Alcoholaat in the first weeks of the new academic year. After this, you will be invited for a job application and you will come for fun tap training (if you cannot do this yet, we will teach you).

Contact: ln.su1720976987niryg1720976987@taal1720976987ohocl1720976987a1720976987