What actually makes a career day? First you need well-known companies, otherwise nobody will come! The best are the biggest names in the world, but nobody here knows them. Good workshops about optimizing your resume (so great!), How to write a motivation letter (very motivated) or just about seeds (because biologists think this is fantastic). Furthermore, a good location is of great importance. You have to have room for the whole crowd, of course you have to have a place for the stands (which can be quite large), the nice lunch that everyone comes to and of course a place for the moving bar. The best thing about the career day is that when this is all in its place and everyone is having a good time, you will feel so satisfied when you walk around there. Because perhaps the most important thing for the creation of such a day is, of course, the crew that organizes it! We are the Career Day Committee! A small group of now 8 driven people (which really started with 2 people who set up the entire event) with a big task. We are concerned with your future! Every year we set up the Life Sciences career day so that you can find your future employer there. We contact the participating companies, we take care of promotion, look at other career days to see how they approach it and thus establish the largest career market of the Faculty of Science every year! An event that started 5 years ago in the ‘Tuinzaal’ in the WN building has now become an event that is indispensable. In 5 years we have become bigger and above all more professional. All the small aspects that you can see at a large career market, you can also see more and more with us. More famous & larger pharmaceutical companies including and, with great pride, companies that we work with ourselves. Such as IQVIA, Rijk Zwaan and Yxion. 

De Carrièredagcie