The Excurcie consists of a fun group of people, which you can admire in the photo below. Together we guarantee a wonderful mix of energy, humour, chaos and cosiness. Because of the informal and open nature of the Excurcie, we know each other well, we challenge each other and friendliness and relaxation remain of paramount importance. It should, of course, remain fun, and that no problem with this committee.

As the name of our committee indicates, we organize excursions. The annual Bird Excursion for example, where we go under the guidance of two or three experienced bird watchers into the nature around Amsterdam in search of rare birds. But our activities are not limited to just excursions. We also organize a whiskey tasting and in recent years we have organized trips to, among other things, the bowling alley, an escape room and the Amsterdam Dungeon. The activities that we organize are therefore varied. Sometimes educational, sometimes challenging, but always great fun! By participating in our activities, members of Gyrinus get to see other places in the city of Amsterdam and its surroundings than where they themselves would come. In addition, during such an activity you interact with other people than normal. This way you get more contacts within the association, making other activities and borrels even more fun.

In addition to organizing activities, the committee itself is mainly about socializing. The atmosphere at the meetings is loose and friendly and many Excurcie members can often be found at borrels. The Excurcie isn’t a very large committee, but we still manage to organize 5 wonderful activities every year with great pleasure. To achieve this, every committee member receives a task and the associated responsibility in the preparation for an activity. This way you learn how to work within an organization and meet deadlines in a fun and relatively non-committal way. So between all the fun, you develop skills as an Excurcie member that will come in handy later in your career.


The Excurcie

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