As the Feestcie we have the honour to organize a party twice a year for the real Gyrini and all the fantastic people who come along. We try to invent a crazy theme every time, whereby everyone can dress as original and sexy as possible. We also provide hip changing locations in Amsterdam, so that everyone can show their crazy dance moves while enjoying a real Gyrinus DJ. Everything to make it a fantastic evening. For example, in recent years we have had quite a few top parties such as Gymnasty, Gyrinus Satans, Irresistible As Your Dream Job and Dirty Disney.

In addition to the parties that we hold, the Feestcie also organizes the Christmas dinner once a year. We provide a high-quality three-course dinner and we dress up the Spiegelzaal into a true Christmas miracle. From early in the morning until late in the evening we are busy cooking and serving the dishes. The last Christmas dinner was again a success. On Thursday we had already started preparing the chocolate mousse and making the soup. Friday morning up early again to cut all the potatoes and prepare the meat, of course with the music nice and hard and while enjoying a beer. But the result was impressive. In addition, we could still delight everyone with a delicious glass of prosecco.

We also organize one big party at the end of each academic year with the other study associations. There is not only a much larger budget but also a lot more people. Which means we can really close the year with a blast. Last year we had the Fluor Flirt party in the Radion. Where you could crawl home after an evening of going hard. Unfortunately we were unable to participate this year, but on the other hand, we were able to organize the spectacular Boat Party in collaboration with the Lustrumcie. A fantastic start of the Lustrum and luckily nobody fell off the boat. In the future, we hope to be able to give many top parties, in even larger beautiful locations and hopefully with even more enthusiasm. For example, we have already experimented with the bar guarantee last year and have been able to increase it considerably. In addition, we were able to reach a larger amount of ​​people with the help of a tablet to sell tickets. Hopefully, there will be a lot of beautiful Feestcie women and Feestciehunks in the Feestcie and they want to make every Gyrinus party a resounding success!

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