Gyrinus has an enormous archive that has been dusting for years. It was a task of the board to keep up with this, but practically nothing was done with it. That is why a group of women decided to set up the Historicie. Several times a year we now head into the cellar with six people, a table is taken from somewhere, chairs from the boardroom, baguettes and herb butter appear on the
table and the cupboard is opened. Everyone gets their job and starts reading, sorting and writing the fun stuff. Every once in a while you hear someone laughing and a short anecdote comes up from board minutes, such as “The party was really fun” and then diagonally underneath (only for the board) “There was nothing to it.” Or suddenly several people laugh very loudly, because a beautiful photo from the 90’s comes up “That people walked around looking like that” or “That cucumber sliding (komkommersjoelen), was that already done back then?” Because yes, we have found photos from at least 1998 that show that cucumbersliding already happened during the introduction week back then. In the meantime (ok at the time of writing, not yet, but hopefully if you read this) the entire archive has been read. Because yes, we really have a lot. The minutes of the founding meeting of, as everyone knows, October 22, 1953, the choice of the name Gyrinus natans (yes, we were almost called sv IJsvogel), the establishment of committees (shout-out to the Polkie, the political committee), the creation of Uilenstede (the student houses had to be prevented from developing into social units with their own social life), when the first Cosmopolitan came in (2008) or the purchase of a toaster (for 200 euros, because “400 euros was too much money for De Tegenstelling”). As in real life, there are ups and downs, growth-flowering-decline. This is also the case with Gyrinus natans. We now have more than 1000 members, but that was different a few years ago. In 1980 the 200th member HAD to be brought in, otherwise our beautiful association would be dissolved. Fortunately that didn’t happen. Here’s hoping that our association may continue to exist for years, or as The Young Drinking Company said in 1955: Bibamus said the Father, rather wine than water!

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