I would like to introduce Introduxie on the basis of the general confusion. You have the Introductie and the Introduxie. The Introductie, with ct, is the complete staff that makes the introduction week possible: the Introduxie + (master) mentors, bar team, cooking team and the media team. In some years, for example, the booklet committee was added, but nowadays everything goes online of course and that is therefore unnecessary. The Introduxie, with the x, organises and leads the introduction week: that is what we do! The aim of the Introduxie is of course to give the first-year students of the bachelors and masters of biomedical sciences and biology an unforgettable introduction week and to enthuse them for Gyrinus. In addition, we often also have our hands full taking care of mentors. For example if they drink too much, sleep too much, party too much so that they can sometimes do strange things… The Introduxie is therefore always ready to save people in need, both ‘kids’ and mentors! In addition to a lot of arranging and caring, we are also a committee full of pleasant weekends with pleasant amounts of beer. First the Introduxie goes on MTWOW. Mentor training weekend preparation weekend, a whole mouth full! Here the Introduxie get to know each other and prepares, as the name suggests, a mentoring training weekend (MTW). The second weekend is therefore MTW, together with all mentors and teams: the Introductie. Here the mentors are coupled on the basis of a complex coupling game and analytical insight from the mentor trainers. Finally, the group becomes even larger (and more fun) at the camp at the end of the introduction week: with all the introduction staff and kids. The klooncie/coxcie/trapcie/… (depending on the name of the location), consisting of mentors, ensures that the camp runs smoothly and then (most) work for the Introduction is done.