The ITcie, which would be called the full Information-technical committee, maintains the digital facilities and website of our beautiful association. The committee is seven years young but already plays an important role within Gyrinus. The members of the ITcie have knowledge of computers and related matters and/or a desire to get more knowledge of this, and we know how to find a solution for every digital problem! Through the ITcie every activity for which one can register can get a registration form on the website with a nice concise Gyrinus link. The website itself is an important aspect in the face of Gyrinus for the outside world and is kept up to date by us together with the Commissioner of Activities. Also seeing yourself again on the overexposed photos of the last borrel is made possible by us. Another important facility under our care is the GyriNAS, the network-bound storage medium for committee files. Most committees still have many files from previous years on it, which can be of vital importance when preparing white papers or preparing an activity! In addition to its function as an archive, the NAS makes documents accessible to the committees at all times via the internet. The subcommittee that takes care of the GyriNAS has gastronomically been called NAScie to everyone’s satisfaction, and still has quite a few ambitious plans in store.

Other active members would not notice much of a well-functioning ITcie, since we mostly work behind the scenes or when there is a problem or request. But the committee involves more than just technical support, so the Game Night of Gyrinus is also organized by the ITcie! The members connect their consoles and game computers at this activity in a room at the VU to have a fun game tournament with all of them. The wide range of video games has something for everyone, but the classics Mario Kart, FIFA and Super Smash Bros. remain popular. Due to practical limitations, the ‘Night’ part of the name is less relevant, but a ‘Game Evening’ sounds a bit different…

No matter how logical computers may be, an unexpected error always comes up you must be able to deal with it. This of course requires some knowledge of the system or program, and at some point this knowledge must also be transferred to new members via a white paper or simply by trying things until it works again; the latter is usually the case. A large group of members who had joined the ITcie in recent years had to say goodbye recently, which did not exactly benefit the savoir-faire within the committee … Despite this goodbye, the new group still managed to to become competent again with the digital infrastructure. Like most processes in nature, the life cycle of ITcie has managed to close again!