Every year, Gyrinus goes on a trip. Not once, but twice a year! The Kampcie succeeds every year in organising these amazing weekends. The first trip is around November, this trip, we’ll go with a big group of Gyrini on Biocamp. This may sound like something serious for biologists, but it’s acutally the opposite. It is fun for everyone who wants to party with his fellow students for a whole weekend! Biocamp will take place in the Netherlands, every year a different place. Last year, we went to ‘het woelige nest’ in Hulshorst. During this trip, the Kampcie organised a fun activity, but Biocamp is mainly for people who wants to rest and party after the first period of studying at the VU. Biocamp is always super fun and you definitely do not want to miss this! The second trip is usually around May, this trip is called the city trip. The Kampcie ensures that you can enjoy the culture of a city during the day, but you can still party during the night. Of course, this trip does not take place in de Netherlands, but somewhere in Europe. Last year, we went to Berlin where we partied in underground clubs, but also visited the Stasi prison and learned a piece of Berlin’s history. This year, we went to Prague and partied in Karlovy Lazne, a club with five floors. We went on a boat trip as well and sailed under the Charles Bridge. City trip brings many experiences with you, so you really do not want to stay here in our little country.

Why should you join the kampcie?

Besides the fact that organising these camps is super fun, you also learn a lot. You’ll learn how to have meetings, how to arrange beds for a large group, how to cook for many people and how to organise fun activities. But the most important thing is that you organise a super cool weekend with very nice people, for you and your fellow students.