Every year on the 22nd of October Gyrinus natans celebrates its birthday, but every five years there is a real big party: the Lustrum! On the 22nd of October 2018 Gyrinus celebrated its 65th birthday. Because of this, a new committee was created: the Lustrumcie. This committee organized everything around the Lustrum of Gyrinus. After the Lustrum ended, the Lustrumcie was disbanded. In the year leading up to the next Lustrum, a new Lustumcie will be formed.

The Lustrumcie is a versatile committee, they organise many different activities in honour of the Lustrum of Gyrinus natans. In 2018 the committee consisted of 12 members, each of them working hard with a lot of passion and enthusiasm to ensure a successful Lustrum. They come up with a theme, organize a gala, make an almanac and organize many more activities which are announced in the run-up to the Lustrum.

How can I join the Lustrumcie?

It currently isn’t possible to join the committee. If you would like to organize a Lustrum, you’ll have to be patient until 2023.