The Mediacie is a committee that deals with the writing and making of the Natator. The Natator is the association magazine of Gyrinus. Four times a year, the Mediacie brings out the Natator, and there are various things to read and do. The Natator always consists of a few standard parts. You can always read how your coming month will elapse in the horoscope, which committees within Gyrinus can cook the best (including recipes). There are always enough fun puzzles to make and to solve riddles. The Mediacie consists of two subcommittees, the Lay-outcie and the Mediacie members who write the pieces. The Layout is mainly concerned with the design of the Natator. They do this in illustrator. The members who write the pieces do this themselves or let others do this for them, for example externals.


So, would you like to add something to the Natator? From September 2018 we are againlooking for new members.

Do you still have a piece that you think you should not miss in the Natator, then mail to ln.su1720976690niryg1720976690@eica1720976690idem1720976690!