Natator is the quarterly magazine of Gyrinus that is provided by the Mediacie.

Sending articles

Informative articles, traineeship stories, columns, poems, stories, biological news, gossip, interviews, information about departments, activities, research at the faculty or elsewhere, opinions, reviews, nonsense articles, complaint articles, ideas, critical notes, quotes, announcements, strips, drawings, etc. are welcome! Articles can be sent by email to ln.su1718724384niryg1718724384@eica1718724384idem1718724384.


Advertisements in the magazine ‘Natator’ are possible at a decent rate. Our magazine and website mainly reach students and graduates from Biology and Biomedical sciences. The edition of the magazine is about 150. For more information, please contact our Commissioner of Public Relations of the board of Gyrinus via ln.su1718724384niryg1718724384@snoi1718724384taler1718724384cilbu1718724384p1718724384.

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