Of all commissions, Sportcie has the best condition and, as you expect, is involved in all sorts of sporting events. The commission exist since March 2008 and has a few successful activities. For instance the commission tournament, where we compete in volleyball and basketball against all the other commissions. We also organize a dodgeball event and of course participate in the Batavierenrace. This is a relay race in which 25 student run over 175 km. In addition to these activities we also have a few small activities on the Gyrinus agenda. This way we ensure that, in addition to all parties, drinks and meals, our bellies stay in proportion! Besides that it’s also
very nice to work out with your fellow students. So keep an eye on the posters and Facebook and sign up quickly for one of our activities.

Why do you want to join the Sportcie?
Do you have a killer condition and are you not afraid to organize? Then give up now and maybe you soon will be a super sportive commission member! Ofcourse you are also welcome even if you’re not a top athlete, but just enjoy sports and organizing sport activities. And don’t forget: drinking beer is also a sport!

How do you join the Sportcie?
At the beginning of each year or at the barbeque for the first year students you can sign up. You can also always ask n Sportcie member or send us an email!
Contact: ln.su1716817758niryg1716817758@eict1716817758rops1716817758