Study trip Committee

The study trip committee is a fairly new committee of Gyrinus. Last January (2017) we organized the first study trip since a very long time and due to its great success, we have already started organizing the study for next year!

Our committee is quite small and currently consists of: Inge Dierx, Michiel Heil, Ylona van Gastel, Sanne Schaap, Tinka Clement, Samatha Zoomer and Lara Hartog.

Despite the fact that our committee mostly consists of women, our only man Michiel still enjoys working with us. Our preparations for the study trip include: looking for fun cities to visit and approaching interesting companies, organizations or universities to visit during the trip. Of course we also take care of the travel scheme, finding places to sleep and a fun programme besides the companies we visit.

Would you like to help us with organizing the next study trip? Or would you like to find out more about the committee or the next study trip? You can contact us by mailing to ln.su1718728205niryg1718728205@sier1718728205eidut1718728205s1718728205 and hopefully we will see you at our next destination!