The TechniCie, the full name being the technical commission of Gyrinus natans, has managed the equipment on events by Gyrinus and by others since the beginning. Creating the right vibe using both sound and visuals is our members’ forte. We also support other associations at the VU with both materials and expertise.

Once established to train students in using audio/visual technical equipment, the TechniCie has already taught a large number of (ex-)members how to set up speakers, mixers, amplifiers, microphones and small stages. Our know-how on adequate DMX-controlled lighting has vastly increased. Bystanders could have the impression that our commission only plugs in cables, but the TechniCie has already delivered a large number of DJ’s. Biocamp or introduction camp wouldn’t be the same without the TechniCie’s aid and equipment.

Recently, we made a few major investments in our material, had a few demonstration evenings for members of our own and Gyrinus, which resulted in a more professional overall bearing. Programming a full-fledged lightshow with the moving heads, scanners, and LED flood lights is part of our skill set now. Our newest acquisitions are the new Pioneer USB turning tables.

Would you like to be a part of this commission? Send an email to: ln.su1716949310niryg1716949310@eici1716949310nhcet1716949310