TOR (full name: ‘T Ouwelullen Regime) is the advisory committee of Gyrinus natans. This comittee was presented at the general meeting of March 11th 2008. Although the name might lead you to assume differently, TOR is still quite a young committee.
What is the goal of TOR?
TOR consists of highly motivated members, who have been around Gyrinus for quite some time. All these members would like to share their experience, for instance with the board. The most important goal of TOR is to insure the transfer of knowledge, so the association can function as a wonderful ecosystem. The most important tasks of TOR are advising and monitoring the board of Gyrinus natans. Furthermore TOR organizes the annual kroegenTORcht (pubcrawl), in which all committees can participate.
How to become a member of TOR?
To apply for TOR, send an e-mail to ln.su1718723503niryg1718723503@rot1718723503 in which you introduce yourself. If there are any vacancies in TOR, we will provide you with more information about the selection procedure. However, TOR solely consists of experienced members. To be eligible for a position in TOR you must have been a committee member of Gyrinus natans for at least 2 years or you need to be an ex-boardmember.
If you want to contact us, please send an e-mail to ln.su1718723503niryg1718723503@rot1718723503

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