The Board

The board of Gyrinus natans consist of 7 members chosen by the general assembly. A meeting is held nearly every week. The minutes of this meeting are sent to the active members and are available upon request. A printed copy of the minutes can be found in the Gyrinusroom (P-022).

The Committees

Gyrinus has more than 120 active members, who together make up 21 committees. Each committee organizes several activities and the new members are admitted at the beginning of each college year. The committees and their activities are diverse and committees are a great way for students to learn valuable skills.


TOR (‘T Ouwelullen Regime) is a committee consisting out of experienced members which serves as a counsel to the board and presents reports to the general assembly.

The Advisory Board

When certain matters require professional insight into, for instance, administration, finance or judicial law and the board is not equipped with the precise knowledge, the board turns to the advisory board for counsel.

Bylaws, Internal Procedures, Vision, Minutes

The Bylaws, Internal Procedures, Vision and minutes of the general assembly are shared by the board upon request and printed versions can be found in the Gyrinus room.