Antwoorden op de puzzels in de Natator

Natator year 10 volume 1

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Word Search page 15

Spot the Differences page 16

Rebus page 19

The truth of life is covid sucks but beer rocks


Natator year 9 volume 4

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Spot the 5 Differences page 8

Puzzle: Battleships page 9

Gyrinus Word Search page 17


Natator year 9 volume 3

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Sudoku page 7

Quiz page 8-9

1: Who was the founder and first Chairman of Gyrinus natans?
A) Leo Antheunisse

2: How many extant species of monotremes exist on our planet? 
B) 5 (the platypus, along with 4 species of echidna)

3: Which Goddess from ancient Greek mythology is associated with spring?
A) Persephone

4: The Beatles released their first single in 1962, containing which song?
B) Love Me Do

5: After which signal from the lights does a Formula 1 race begin?
C) All red lights are lit, then turned off

6: Which geological period ended with the extinction event that killed all non-avian dinosaurs?
A) Cretaceous

7: Which of the following sports will NOT make its first Olympic appearance at these Games?
D) Breakdancing (will debut in 2024)

8: What is the name of the first human to reach outer space?
A) Yuri Gagarin 

9: When did the VU begin building the Uilenstede campus?
C) 1966

10: How old will our beloved bar ‘De Tegenstelling’ be this year?
D) 30 years (that calls for a celebration!)

Natator year 9 volume 2

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Rebus page 21
We all keep dreaming of the Tegenstelling

Natator year 9 volume 1

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Sudoku page 7

Word Search page 10

Rebus page 11

Budels beer is our one and only true love