LOBS stands for national biology student council and consists of a group of students representing all Dutch biology programs. The aim of LOBS is to represent the interests of all biology students by discussing the problems and issues of each university during the monthly meetings. Additionally, LOBS aims to identify all biology-related programs in the Netherlands, this includes providing information about bachelor and master programs. One of the main activities of LOBS  is the annual national masterday. The Commissioner of Education of Gyrinus also attends these meetings.

LOBS is funded by the Dutch Institute for Biology (NIBI).


NCBS: tickets now for sale!

On November 22nd, the fifth edition of the National Conference for Biology Students (NCBS) will take place! Biology students from all over the Netherlands can present their research projects in front of a professional jury with a large audience of peers to try and win the famous Darwin trophy! The NCBS takes place in the Burgers’ Zoo, Arnhem and tickets include entrance to the conference, free entrance to the zoo (from 10:00h), dinner and a drink and of course the conference itself (including a talk by a yet to be announced keynote speaker). Buy your tickets here now: http://www.lobs.eu/ncbs/. The first 100 people can get 5 euros off via the Early Bird tickets and NIBI members get an additional 5 euros off! If you have any questions, you can mail to ue.sb1718724357ol@sb1718724357cn1718724357. We hope to see you on November 22nd!